Radiator installation

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This page details the radiator installation, which is non-standard. 

Front of radiator, note baffle skirts attached with a silicon glue
Back of radiator. The hose still attached is the overflow from the pressure cap.
Nonstandard radiator caddy relocates radiator to the front of the rightmost member of the engine mount. Note rubber lord mounts on top, also relocated from standard model C position. Baffles form a plenum chamber which feeds air to both the radiator and the air filter. The engine mount on this plane is the Mark IV type, but this radiator placement has been successful also on another Avid which has the earlier type of engine mount.
Front view of right side of engine, with radiator removed.
Radiator in place, air filter removed. Note baffling on radiator, which completes the plenum chamber, and rubber sheet around carb inlets.
  Baffling attaches with 3 camlocks; rubber sheet acts as hinge. This facilitates access to carburetors. Note permanent external carb heat taking coolant from engine block, routing it back to the water pump housing.
  Radiator and filter both in place.