Water rudders constructed from 6060-T6 aluminium sheet in 2, 2.5 and 3 mm thicknesses, black anodised, and assembled with stainless steel rivets and bolts.

The water rudder assembly attaches to the inner longerons of each float.

A piece of thin lexan is folded over the front edges of the brackets to smooth out the airstream.

The hinge pin is a length of 3/8" stainless steel tubing riveted to the attachment brackets.

The water rudder retraction cable runs through the top of the hinge pin in a short length of nylon tubing.

A stainless steel spring holds the rudder down when the retraction cable is released.

Rudder throw is adjustable by repositioning the steering cables on these horns.

This placement of the turnbuckle doubles the adjustment range for the water rudder steering cables.

The water rudder steering cables  are routed through the lift handles in a short length of cable hose, and along the bottom fuselage longerons to the horns at the bottom end of the air rudder. The cables that run along the middle part of the fuselage are connected to the rudder pedals in the cockpit.

The water rudders retract about 150 degrees. They seem to contribute some yaw stability in flight, and there has been no need for a ventral fin in this installation.